Terms & Conditions

  1. FOREXOPHER informs all the details with regards to the services to its clients in advance like name of service, kind of service, mode of providing service and any other important details relating to services 
  2. With regards to the services, FOREXOPHER makes it clear that FOREXOPHER shall only be responsible for giving advice/calls to the client. Profit or loss incurred shall only be attributed to client and FOREXOPHER will not have any role in it.
  3. With regards to the services, if any loss is incurred in services, then FOREXOPHER can provide
    complimentary services for the same for a duration as mutually decided by both the parties.
  4. All the services offered by FOREXOPHER are Non- Refundable and cannot be cancelled under any situation. Any dissatisfaction arising out of the services will be sorted out by providing services.
  5. FOREXOPHER is indulged in only providing advice on client’s investment. No Account Management services are provided by FOREXOPHER.
  6. FOREXOPHER exclusively serves Clients outside India only.


  1. FOREXOPHER and its associates shall be loyal in giving recommendations.
  2. FOREXOPHER and its associates shall evaluate the risk taking capacity of clients and hence recommend research according to client’s risk taking capacity.
  3. FOREXOPHER and its associates shall take best efforts in ensuring that the performance presented to clients and prospective clients is fair, accurate and complete.
  4. FOREXOPHER and its associates shall keep information about present and former clients’ confidential details unless disclosure is permitted by law of the client itself.
  5. FOREXOPHER and its associates must make full and fair disclosure of all matters that could reasonably be expected to hurt their independence and objectivity.
  6. FOREXOPHER and its associates shall review the recommendations regularly to ensure fair client treatment.
  7. FOREXOPHER and its associates shall have a reasonable and adequate basis supported by appropriate research for any recommendation.
  8. FOREXOPHER and its associates shall disclose to clients the basic format of recommendations.
  9. FOREXOPHER and its associates shall distinguish between fact and opinion in giving the recommendations.

FOREXOPHER values the right to Privacy of each and every individual. We are esteemed by the relationship and by becoming our clients you have a promise from our side that we shall remain loyal to all our clients and non clients whose information resides with us. This Privacy Policy of FOREXOPHER applies to the current clients as well as former clients. Below are the word by word credentials of our Privacy Policy:

a) By registering your mobile number on FOREXOPHER website – you agree to be contacted by our personnel or to receive SMS’s and it shall be treated as ‘opt inn’ in case if the contact number you have registered with us is subscribed in DND registry (Do Not Disturb). By registering for our services you also agree to comply with our Private Policy and Terms & Conditions. Please be aware that you may receive calls related to services promotions and any sort of contests and polls organized by us. In case there are any changes in your contact information that we retain, please bring this to our knowledge either by call or email.
b) Your information given to us represents your identity with us. If any changes are brought in any of the fields of which you have provided us the information, you shall bring it to our notice by either calling us or dropping a mail to us.
c) Your information whether public or private will not be sold, rented, exchanged, transferred or given to any company or individual for any reason without your consent for the same.
d) The only use we will be bringing to your information will be for providing the services to you for which you have subscribed to us for which you gave us your information.
e) In addition to the service provided to you your information (Mobile Number, E-Mail ID etc.) can be brought in use for sending you newsletters, survey, contest information, or information about any new services of the Company which will be for your own good and while subscribing for our services you agree that FOREXOPHER has the right to do so.
f) By subscribing to our services you consent to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use